Female Talent-Pool

Our perspective approach for sustainable talent management

The market situation for senior female specialists and managers, and those with a STEM background in particular, is challenging. The massive underrepresentation of women, especially in technical management positions, and the significant increase in demand for them requires a sustainable approach to recruitment.

Our approach to the Female Talent Pool is founded on a continuous, cyclical search & identify process that spans all relevant segments of the labour market, following the "back-funnel" principle. Similar to an individual executive search mandate, we expand our focus to include target companies, functional areas, and hierarchical levels extending to peripheral areas, which are then selectively targeted in subsequent steps. Additionally, we proactively reach out to potentially suitable candidates through our networks.

Sustainable recruitment through continuous search & ident processes

We consider it crucial to keep regular, reliable contact with potential candidates and prospects, ensuring we can quickly respond to any changes in their circumstances or actively engage in their career planning. With the long-term female talent pool, HR decision-makers are equipped in advance for anticipated trends in the job market and can also address immediate staffing needs effectively

Hunting/Her partner Christian Ebeling in conversation with colleague Claudia Ulpts.

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