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"Europe's leading headhunter for women"

The recruitment of highly qualified female executives is one of the decisive competitive factors for companies and organisations today. As "the leading personnel consultancy for women" (DIE ZEIT) HUNTING/HER HR-Partners has been helping companies of all sizes and from all sectors to achieve their diversity goals since 2007.

As a strategic partner of a global top 10 executive search consultancy, we not only have additional industry expertise at our disposal, but also the infrastructure of a leading global generalist. 


Leading "women's headhunter" expands to Stockholm

Europe's leading recruitment consultancy for women continues its growth course. With the opening of the new office in Stockholm, we want to meet the increasing demand for female executives even better locally in Sweden. With the former DB manager Patricia Schaller, HUNTING/HER is expanding its range of services to the north.

With Patricia Schaller, former manager at Deutsche Bahn, the German-Swiss personnel consultancy is expanding its range of services to the north.

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Nina Bransch moves from Stanton Chase
to the Hunting/Her team

With Nina Bransch, another experienced HR consultant joins the diversity professionals at Hunting/Her HR-Partners.

The headhunters specialising in the positioning and development of female executives have been docked at the Düsseldorf office of Stanton Chase since 2020, where the business graduate previously worked. 

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Female Executive Search
for companies


for candidates

Why a female executive search consultancy specifically for women?

The answer is obvious: on the one hand, women face different challenges and obstacles in the course of their careers than male executives. On the other hand, traditional headhunting processes can only be used to a limited extent in view of the significant underrepresentation of women, and if so, then only at an unrealisable cost/effort.

One example: In such management segments where, for example, only 5 % women work, a traditional headhunter operating solely via Search & Ident direct approach would consequently have to turn over around 20 times as many "stones" in order to be able to include a single woman in the pre-selection. Other important diversity aspects such as internationality, age, etc. are not even included here.  

By increasingly filling management positions with women, our executive search experts bring relevant new, additional skills to the management of companies and organisations with increasing diversity, thereby helping them to expand their competitiveness. 

As the first personnel consultancy specialising in highly qualified women, HUNTING/HER HR-Partners ® supports companies in achieving sustainable diversity through gender balance at all management levels. 


- Gender diversity: companies with at least 30% women in management can increase their earnings by up to 15%. (ILO, 2019)

- Diverse companies perform better on the stock market than the average of all 30 companies in the DAX (BCG, 2020)

- Diverse teams with a good mix make significantly better decisions than homogeneous teams (Cloverpop, 2019)

From "women's headhunter no. 1" to holistic HR consultancy for diversity recruiting

With the founding of HUNTING/HER HR-Partners ® in 2007 as the first personnel consultancy for women ("Women's Headhunter No. 1"), a gender-specific executive search concept for the diversity search for female specialists and managers was offered for the first time. Since then, the demand for highly qualified female specialists and managers has increased significantly, partly due to the legal framework.

A company that wants to attract the best female talent and female executives first of all needs a clear commitment - and female role models in high-profile management jobs. HUNTING/HER HR-Partners ® offers systematic and targeted support in this area thanks to well-founded Search & Ident processes and contacts and (diversity) networks that have been built up over almost 15 years. 

HUNTING/HER HR-Partners ® is a discreet and reliable HR partner in the placement and development of highly qualified female specialists and managers. Our aim and our passion as a headhunter and personnel consultancy is to bring together the best possible candidates and companies.

As a leading recruitment consultancy focussing on women with offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Basel and Zurich, among others, we know both the special factors in diversity recruiting of female specialists and executives and their effects on the respective corporate culture and performance as well as the female interests when choosing a job. 

Our colleagues at HUNTING/HER Career-Partners ® complement our core competence of female executive search ("headhunting for women") with a synergetic service portfolio for the entire HR circle; from onboarding coaching to female talent development & retention management to low-conflict offboarding through new placement or outplacement consulting for women as well as diversity consulting, business and career coaching.